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To Convert Your Krutidev (Kruti Dev) Text to Unicode, paste your Krutidev Text in the text box and then click on "Convert To Unicode Text". The Converted KrutiDev (Kruti Dev) Text Will Be Shown in the Unicode Text Box. If you need to download krutidev font. You Can Download The Font Clicking Here. You can download the Word File of the Result or Copy it to your clipboard.

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KrutiDev To Unicode Converter

1. Krutidev to Unicode Description

Krutidev is a popular legacy font used for typing in Hindi language. However, as computers and mobile devices became more common, the need arose for Unicode fonts that could handle Indian scripts like Devanagari, which is used to write Hindi. Unicode is a standard encoding system that can represent almost all the characters used in world scripts.

Krutidev to Unicode converters allow users to convert Krutidev text into Unicode format, which can be used in modern software applications and online platforms. The conversion process replaces Krutidev codepoints with corresponding Unicode codepoints. This ensures that the text remains the same, while making it compatible with Unicode software.

The conversion from Krutidev to Unicode involves identifying the codepoints used in the Krutidev font and converting them into the Unicode equivalents. For instance, Krutidev uses codepoints from 0x0915 to 0x0939 for Hindi consonants, while Unicode uses codepoints from 0x0905 to 0x0939 for the same. Similarly, Krutidev uses codepoints from 0x094d to 0x094f for various vowel signs, while Unicode uses codepoints from 0x093e to 0x094f for the same.

Krutidev to Unicode converters also ensure that the converted text is rendered correctly, by replacing Krutidev glyphs with the corresponding Unicode glyphs. This ensures that the text appears as it should, even in modern software applications that support Unicode.

Overall, Krutidev to Unicode conversion is an essential process for anyone who wants to use Hindi text in modern software applications and online platforms. Krutidev to Unicode converters make it easy to convert text from Krutidev to Unicode format, enabling users to take advantage of the full range of features and capabilities offered by modern software applications.
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2. About Krutidev Font

Krutidev is a popular legacy font used for typing in Hindi language. It was developed in the early 1990s and was widely used for typing Hindi text on computers before the introduction of Unicode. The font was developed by Devendra Open Type Fonts and is widely used in print media, books, and newspapers in India.
Krutidev is a non-Unicode font, which means that it uses its own code points to represent the characters. The font includes Hindi vowels and consonants, as well as a range of symbols and special characters used in Hindi language. The font is popular among Hindi typists due to its ease of use and the availability of keyboards that are designed specifically for Krutidev.

However, Krutidev has some limitations. Since it is a non-Unicode font, it is not compatible with modern software applications and online platforms that use Unicode fonts. This means that Krutidev text cannot be used in many software applications and online platforms without first converting it to Unicode.
Overall, Krutidev has played an important role in the development of Hindi computing, and is still widely used today, particularly in print media and older computer systems. However, as more and more software applications and online platforms move towards Unicode compatibility, the use of Krutidev is gradually being phased out in favor of Unicode fonts that offer greater flexibility and compatibility with modern digital platforms.
3. How To Use Krutidev To Unicode Tool?

1● Copy the Krutidev text that you want to convert from your text editor or document and paste it into the text box provided on the website.
2● Click on the "Convert" or "Submit" button to initiate the conversion process.
3● Wait for the tool to convert the Krutidev text to Unicode. This may take a few seconds or more, depending on the size of the text.
4● Once the conversion is complete, the Unicode text will be displayed in the text box on the website. You can then copy the converted text and paste it into any Unicode-compatible software, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other text editor.
5● If you need to convert more Krutidev text, you can repeat the process for each new text you want to convert.

That's it! Using a Krutidev to Unicode converter tool is a quick and easy way to convert Krutidev text to Unicode format, allowing you to use the text in a wide variety of digital applications.